Background & History


Founded in 2003 and designated by Montana State Legislature, the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame & Western Heritage Center (MCHF & WHC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Through the delivery of programs and services, we work to realize the fulfillment of our state-wide mission at the district level. Through our network of trustees, members and volunteers, the contributions of those that have come before us are being preserved and passed forward as important educational documents for the benefit of future generations. We rely on supporters that share an understanding of the importance of community, education, personal growth and the role today’s youth play in our future. Through these lenses we preserve and pass forward our Montana cowboy way of life, our American Indian cultures and our collective Montana Western heritage. Understanding our responsibility to ensure this project surpasses the most demanding standards we have sought professional individuals to advise our efforts. From fundraising development through exhibition, we are blessed to be working with some of the very best professional leadership in the non-profit museum/visitor attraction industries.